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Blue Foaming Tattoo Soap

Blue Foaming Tattoo Soap

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Cleaning & Soothing Solution during the tattoo procedure.
The solution does not just clean the skin, but it also soothes 
the skin Blue soap is used before, during and after a tattoo procedure. 
It is used for avoiding stinging or skin irritation.Excellent when 
diluted with water, usage as same as Green soap, great for cleaning. 
The solution effectively cleans and soothes the skin, creating a
comfortable atmosphere for the tattoo procedure.Blue soap has multiple
uses, from pre-procedure skin preparation to post-procedure aftercare.
Diluted with water, it can be used safely and effectively every step of
the way.



Cleaning and Soothing Tattoo
It is used for avoiding stinging or skin irritation while tattooing.
Cleans scabbing and helps in reducing the Etching
Use it in between multiple sitting of tattoo to avoid scabbing.
Composition : 10% Blue Soap & 90% distilled water.

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