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Cheyenne Power Unit-II

Cheyenne Power Unit-II

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he Cheyenne-POWER UNITs are designed for your needs. POWER UNIT II have the option to directly connect two tattoo machines at the same time and alternating between them.
The handling of the Cheyenne-POWER UNITs was intentionally designed minimalistic and intuitive. You can concentrate on your work and adjust the settings individually.

Whether in the studio or on the road at conventions, the Cheyenne-POWER UNITs are perfect, thanks to their compact form and low mass. The user interface is fully coated and can be cleaned easily.

You can buy a wide range of adapters for your POWER UNIT, enabling you to not only connect your Cheyenne-HAWK SPIRIT, HAWK THUNDER and HAWK PEN, but also other tattooing equipment. In the box you will find a power supply unit with country-specific plugs, so you can simply connect and get started.



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