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American Standard

American Standard Tattoo Fine Long Needles Box of 50 Pcs (Round Liner (RL) )

American Standard Tattoo Fine Long Needles Box of 50 Pcs (Round Liner (RL) )

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A brand new Good Quality Tattoo Needles which Sterilized EO Gas and individually packed in Blister pack Tattoo Needles. You will get Good Quality 50 Tattoo Needles in each box.
Introduction: The Tattoo Needles produced are specially designed for professional tattoo artists. All Shading needles are made out of 0.35 mm surgical wire with extra long tapered, professionally grouped to give a very fine tip of the needle. The tattoo needles are indispensable tools for tattooing. They are made from high-quality surgical material, harmless to human health. These professional tattoo needles are fit for all sorts of tattoo machines. All of them are pre-sterilized and convenient for Shading and lining. 
It features fine lines and detailed work, and the making effect is remarkable. Absolutely safe and healthy to the skin. The perfect choice for people who like consistency in their tattoo work! We can provide special packing according to the customer's request.


Condition: 100% New and work well.
Material: PVC and Medical Grade Stainless Steel (316L).
Package: Individual Sterile Blister Pack.
Safety: Sterilized by EO gas


50 Pcs Tattoo Needles
Made Of High-Quality Stainless Steel, Sterilized, Individually Wrapped,
Sharp On Skin, Hold Ink Very Nicely
Excellent Performance With All Kind Of Tattoo Coil Machine And Tattoo Rotary Machine
With alloy addition of molybdenum prevents specific forms of corrosion,
Don't use if inside packing is damaged.

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