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Dynamic Tattoo Colors - Individual Bottles - 1oz

Dynamic Tattoo Colors - Individual Bottles - 1oz

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  • Professional Quality Pre-Dispersed Inks: Proudly made in the USA, Dynamic Color provides premium quality tattoo ink with the most impressive pigment content in the business.
  • Noted for its smooth flow rate, our inks are up to piece — from precise detail work to outlining and shading. Time-Tested, Reliable Healing: Say goodbye to stubborn healing processes or unhappy clients. Dynamic Color tattoo inks go in smooth and heal vibrantly for noticeably vivid results that can stand the test of time. And with skin in the game since 1990, we mean it when we say our inks are time-tested. Bold, Bright, Long Lasting Colors: Every artist deserves high-quality tattoo ink.
  • Available in an expanded range of 30 colors, our high-pigment inks can be mixed to create your own custom blends. With Dynamic Color tattoo ink in your needle, the only limit is your own imagination.


    Brand: Dynamic
    Material: Pigment
    Manufactured: Dynamic
    Product Type: Tattoo Ink
    100% Authentic Ink
    High-Quality Colors
    Sterilized & Sealed
    Bright & Vibrant Long Lasting Color
    Made in the USA


    The color is bright, not easy to fade, and color to maintain for a long time.
    Adopted pure plant pigments, show you natural color
    The colorful design provides decorative effects, these bright colors are exactly what you need for your own tattoo kit
    The bottle is sealed and safe.
    We will carefully test each item before shipment.
    Color: Multi-color

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