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Falcon3 Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen

Falcon3 Pro Wireless Tattoo Pen

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The first truly wireless tattoo machine is here, Falcon-3 gives excellent performance and power without any of the complicated stuff. Just a pen-style device with all the features you need. Simple 3 Button operation

Falcon-3 is a revolutionary top Performer wireless tattoo Pen machine, with a low price yet excellent quality. The machine comes with a removable battery that can be recharged repeatedly. 3-4 hours working time with single battery full charge. While adjusting the needle stroke, the Needles' direction is always in the same direction when rotated. Falcon Tattoo Machine comes with 6 month's warranty

We took note and created a revolutionary device that puts you, the tattoo artist, in control of your art. The first truly wireless tattoo machine is here, the Falcon-3.

It’s time to unleash your power, embrace the wireless revolution and create your masterpiece. you’ll love the Falcon-3. This wireless tattoo machine is easy to use, you can operate it with confidence. 


Tattoo Machine

Machine Type: Pen Style Wireless Cartridge Tattoo Machine
Body: Aircraft High-Grade Lightweight alloy
Engine: Coreless Flat 9V 10,000 RPM Motor
The removable battery can be recharged repeatedly
Battery Charger: DC 5V/2A (Standard USB Adapter)
Charging Time: 1 Hours (100%, 2AMP 5Volt Adaptor)
Running Time: Up To 4+ Hours (Full Charge)
Operating Voltage: 4-10V, Suggest Not to Exceed 10V
Warranty: Six Month
Stroke: 4.0 MM Universal Stroke good for Lining, Shading, and coloring
Performance: Efficient, stable
Net weight: 146g
Performance: Efficient, stable
Net weight: 146g


The Machine is Quality Assured and Certified at 3 Star by
Simple 3 Button operation, Removable Battery can be recharged repeatedly
Falcon Tattoo Machine for a period of 6 Months
Excellent Quality Value for money wireless Tattoo Machines, Low Price yet excellent Quality
Tattoo Gizmo is India’s Oldest, Biggest, and Most Premium Tattoo Equipment and Supply Store, We Carry All International Brands
Tattoo Gizmo Warranty on all products contact +91 97116 28289 for Service

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