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Intenze Zuper Black Tattoo Ink

Intenze Zuper Black Tattoo Ink

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Intenze Zuper Black¬†‚Äst12 oz Bottle, And 1 oz Bottle

Zuper Black Intenze Tattoo Ink is the darkest and most intense black on the market. Black is an extremely important element in any tattoo. It can represent power, elegance, formaility, death or even evil. Intenze Zuper Black truly captures the fear and mystery associated with black in your tattoos

Zuper Black The darkest and most intense black developed by Intenze

Tattoo Ink!  The Ink has the strongest of Pigment and a thick black ink for Specially designed for Tribal Filling.


    Size:12oz / 1oz
    Color: Zuper Black
    Brand: Intenze
    Material: Pigment
    Manufactured: Intenze
    Product Type: Tattoo Ink


    Darkest, most intense black ink on the market
    100% Authentic Ink
    High quality ink
    Made in USA

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