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Kwadron Pusher Rotary Tattoo Machine

Kwadron Pusher Rotary Tattoo Machine

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The Kwadron Pusher rotary tattoo machine guarantees safe and smooth operation. It is perfect for any type of work: filling, shading and lines.

STABILITY AND PRECISION OF WORK : Slider type rotary machine . The needle moves linearly, without vibrations, which translates into needle stability, repeatability and precision of work. It will work with every technique and work.

POWERFUL AND RELIABLE ENGINE: The machine was designed for classic needles and cartridges. In both cases with the correct pipes. It has a very powerful motor that can handle the largest sets of needles up to 27 SEM.

HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM BODY: The machine is equipped with an RCA connector, which ensures excellent conductivity, constant voltage, and the lack of reverse polarity on the connector. The standard stroke of the machine is 3.5 mm. The frame of the machine is made of one piece of high-quality aluminum, machined using the CNC method.



linear drive system
Stroke: 3.5 mm
Motor: 10 W
Frame: CNC milled aircraft aluminum, color anodized
Weight: 150 g
Recommended voltage: 5-11V
12-month warranty
Cable not included


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