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Skin Companion

Skin Companion Tattoo Colors - Individual Bottles - 0.5 oz

Skin Companion Tattoo Colors - Individual Bottles - 0.5 oz

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  • Each bottle of permanent tattoo ink in this colorful pack of tattoo accessories is made of high-quality ingredients that will safely dye and tint your skin pigment the way you want. The ink will only last if the tattoo is done correctly with a needle that properly and safely penetrates the dermis layer of the skin.
  • All Tattoo ink can be combined with other ink colors in order to create the exact shade needed to make each tattoo unique and special.
  • Each bottle has a separate stopper to ensure quality and has been sterilized to the highest standards. make the body color bright. Safe and easy to use long service life.


Color: Multi-color
Brand: Skin Ink
Material: Pigment
Manufactured: Skin Ink
Product Type: Tattoo Ink
100% Authentic Ink
High-Quality Colors
Sterilized & Sealed
Bright & Vibrant Long Lasting Color


1. Made of plant pigments, no metal content, safe and assured to use.
2. Good coloring effect, it will be easy and quick to color.
3. The pigment is very fine and the color is fadeless.
4. Suitable for eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, tattoo coloring and etc.
5. Good penetration, and easy absorption into the skin.

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