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Stigma- Prodigy V2 - Rotary Tattoo Machine

Stigma- Prodigy V2 - Rotary Tattoo Machine

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The Stigma-Rotary® Prodigy V2 is a machine that can be easily adjusted by hand from super-soft to super-hard with a screw.

The Prodigy V2 can be operated with 4 different MotorPlugs: the 4.5 Watt MotorPlug, the 5 Watt EC MotorPlug, the 6 Watt V2 or the super powerful 10 Watt MotorPlug. It can be operated with different stroke

lengths (2,5mm to 6,0 mm).

There are four different eccentrics for this purpose:

  • Short: 2.8mm - 3.6mm (depending on softness and speed).
  • Medium: 3,5mm_-4,5mm (pre-installed and comes standard with the MotorPlug)
  • Long: 4.3mm - 5mm
  • Adjustable stroke eccentric from 2,5mm - 6mm,

With the Stigma-Rotary® EasyPlug System, the MotorPlugs can be changed super easy.

Each MotorPlug (4.5 Watt, 5 Watt, 6 Watt or 10 Watt motor) can be used with all Beast and Prodigy machines.



Material : Aluminium
Connection Type : RCA
Machine Type: Rotary


Lightweight machine frame: only 49g (86g including MotorPlug)
Super ergonomic, low vibration, quiet, simple set-up, easy handling
Needle Stabilization System
CNC-milled from one piece of aircraft aluminum, color anodized
Designed for use with all standard needles, tubes, grips and power supplies
Maxon Motor

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