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Stigma- Beast V2 with 4,5 Watt V2 MotorPlug Tattoo Rotary Machine

Stigma- Beast V2 with 4,5 Watt V2 MotorPlug Tattoo Rotary Machine

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The new version of the Stigma Rotary Beast is a hybrid tattoo machine, which works with normal pre-soldered tattoo needles but also with needle modules. The new Beast V2 has a hard hit and no hardness adjustment and is therefore best suited for tattoo artists who like a beastly, powerful machine and still want to be flexible, because you can use all Stigma motors and eccentrics.

There are four different eccentrics:

  • Short: 2.8mm - 3.6mm (depending on softness and speed)
  • Medium: 3.5mm_- 4.5mm (pre-installed and comes standard with the MotorPlug)
  • Long: 4.3mm - 5mm
  • Adjustable stroke eccentric from 2,5mm - 6mm,

With the Stigma-Rotary¬ģ EasyPlug System, the MotorPlugs can be changed super easy. Motors are available in the following strengths:

  • 4.5 watts
  • 5S watts
  • 6 watts
  • 10 watts


Material : Aluminum
Connection Type : RCA
Machine type : Rotary


Can be used with standard needles and with needle modules
Removable motor
Tough hit
Easy to assemble
Very light - only 37 grams (machine body)
Maintenance-free! - The sliding piston of the Beast V2 slides into a self-lubricating sleeve, therefore no lubricants are needed!
An instruction manual is include to help you setup the new machine. We recommend to use a High performance power supply and high performance cable to keep your Stigma-Rotary machine running smoothly and quietly.

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