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Tattoo Gizmo

Tattoo Gizmo Nitrile Vinyl Blend Gloves - Black

Tattoo Gizmo Nitrile Vinyl Blend Gloves - Black

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TATTOO GIZMO¬†VINYL¬†‚ÄstNITRILE BLEND¬†GLOVES:¬†Designed for handling bodily fluids, or for food service use, our latex-free gloves help provide reliable protection.

EXCELLENT QUALITY DURABLE SYNTHETIC VINYL¬†‚ÄstNITRILE BLEND GLOVES:¬†Made of the highest quality synthetic vinyl and Nitrile materials. Stronger and thicker than regular nitrile gloves, they offer improved tactile sensitivity and work great for both commercial or industrial use.


TAKE CARE OF YOUR HANDS : Nitrile Vinyl Blend gloves keep your hands away from liquids, oil, hazardous chemicals, and sharp objects. Choosing tattoo gizmo you will receive allergen-free, skin tight non latex gloves that are flexible and stick like a second skin.

VERSATILE, SAFE, AMBIDEXTROUS: Every box of tattoo gizmo safety gloves is a treasure chest keeping the nitrile work gloves you need: chemical resistant gloves and medical gloves (non-sterile) for professional use, food prep gloves, cooking gloves, food service gloves, dish gloves, and cleaning gloves for home, tattoo gloves, hair color gloves, barber gloves and many more.

FLEXIBLE AND RESILIENT: These powder free gloves are 4mil thick to provide both safety and bare-hand sensitivity so that you could use your touchscreens while working. Their flexibility offers you a consistent fit and makes them practically all purpose gloves. A convenient dispense pack keeps organized while providing easy access.

EASY TO WEAR AND AFFORDABLE : Our tattoo gizmo rubber gloves are made from a special nitrile-vinyl blend, with a rolled cuff for easy opening, quick donning, and fast removal.

PROTECTED FROM UNPLEASANT SURPRISES : The tattoo gizmo protective gloves are made from high-quality material in a cGMP certified utility adhering to all safety requirements. Approved for food contact, as long as they're needed, our black gloves won't rip, tear, fail, or wear down.


Material : Nitrile-Vinyl Blend
Reusability : Disposable
Size : S,L,M (Pack of 100)
Brand : Tattoo Gizmo
Colour : Black, Blue


Multipurpose Vinyl-Nitrile Blend Gloves.
100 Pcs of Non-Sterile Gloves.
Vinyl-Nitrile Blend Gloves for high durability.
Automically shaped for comfort, Anti-slip pattern for good grip in wet & dry condition.
Surgical gloves prevent transfer of Germs and Bacterias from other people and substances. So, widely used in Hospitals, clinics, laboratories.
Powder Free
Only for one time use.
No sharp nails or any material before you wearing
Easy to fit in and fast removal

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