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Tattoo Wipe Paper Tissue

Tattoo Wipe Paper Tissue

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High quality, Made of Pure natural wood pulp,No chemical composition, Waterproof, hygiene, safe and healthy, Tattoo paper is for single use only and disposable, clean and healthy, The tattoo paper can be used to tattoo cleaning, face treatment. Used for tattoo bedding desktop at working, out tattoo tools, prevent ink dirty desk. This item is great for tattoo work area preparation.Double composite membrane, upper waterproof, resistance to infection.


Package List:
1Pack x Tattoo Cleaning Tissue


Tattoo Cleaning Wipe Towel Tissue

Material: Pure Natural Wood Pulp

Size: 25*15cm

Pack of: 70Pcs

Use: Tattoo cleaning, face skin treatment and clean.


Package List:
1Pack x Tattoo Cleaning Tissue

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