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Utopian PCB (Power Supply - Charger - Battery Pack)

Utopian PCB (Power Supply - Charger - Battery Pack)

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Utopian PCB is a large capacity, High-Quality Wireless multipurpose portable tattoo battery pack, can use as:

  • Tattoo Machine Power Supply
  • Recharge Wireless Machines
  • Recharge Pads and Phone

The Wireless tattoo revolution by Tattoo Gizmo is pushing us to innovate and bring more innovative products to fulfill the demands of every artist. For long artistic sessions, the demand for more battery power is increasing day by day, to support we created a large capacity, High-Quality Wireless backup power source for tattoo machines. 

Utopian PCB is backup power for your wireless machines. The 8000 mAh battery is good to use for more than 24 hours on one single full charge. Simultaneously Work by using it as a power supply and charging your machine’s fitted with Dynamic Power Path Management: Always get the same voltage irrespective of the battery power left. Save your loved machine engine from overheating and short circuits.


      USB Output Voltage: 5V 2.1A
      Voltage: 5v-12v
      Size: 118*23*83 MM, Weight: 222g
      Superior Durability and Scratch Resistance


      8000 mAh Power one full charge can support 24-hour Working time
      Quick Charging takes 4 HourstoFull Charge
      10V start-up function
      C-Type Charger Compatible with your Android Phone Charger
      Three Button simple operation.
      Two output USB Ports for fast charging of Wireless Machine
      Portable Tattoo power supply

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